Reccomended procedure to masterpiece The Elf-factory

Author: Kürthy Anna 


Author of the book: Lázár Ervin
Illustrator: Szalma Edit
Release year: 2013
Kiadó: Helikon

Hungarian version:



Therapeutic goals: speaking about feelings, behaviours
Age group:kindergarteners, elementary school students
Secondary target group: adults
Form of the work: individual and group


Brief content of the masterpiece:

The main characters go to an attic room where they find the elf factory.

In the elf factory, elves are made who all behave differently. One is sad, the other angry, angry, mysterious, brooding, gloomy. But of course there is also a cheerful, grinning elf. These elves sneak up behind people, become invisible and influence people’s behavior and emotions. Everyone has elves. At the end of the story, the narrator asks, what kind of elves do you have?


Description of the possibilities of professional pedagogical/therapeutic work: 

It is important to approach each story from the child’s point of view, where is he in the story, what was he able to absorb from it, what are the points where he could join it? The first question can always be, how did he like it? What was good and what was bad in the story?

The fairy tale The Elf Factory can be used well to process behavior and emotions. Elves symbolize the different reactions of a person, they can be used to describe how many different ways a person can behave.

It is worth processing this story with the help of cards, using cards that express emotions, such as Teddy bear cards.

  1. What kind of elves do you have? How do you behave on an average day? Choose the cards that best describe you.
  2. Show these cards.
  3. Is there an elf you like less? What can you do with it?
  4. Is there an elf that you want, but unfortunately you don’t have it? How can you get him to sneak up behind you?

It can also be used to process the story…

…the animated film Inside Out


…the book How your soul works by Krisztina Barcs.

Both help children understand their feelings, behavior, and the functioning of their souls with the elf symbol.


The card of the recommended work according to the mentioned literary source was created by:
Kürthy Anna, Workplace: Zichy Miklós Primary School in Zsámbék, Date last updated: Aug 3rd 2023


Recommended citation procedure:

Kürthy Anna. 2023. Recommended professional procedure to the work with literary masterpiece Lázár Ervin The Elf-factory. In Kotrbová, K. et al: Bratislava: PRO SKIZP – Association to support the development of the Slovak Chamber of Clinical Physics, Laboratory Diagnosticians, Language Speech Therapists and Therapeutic Pedagogues, 2023.  ISBN 978-80-974667-0-1 Available on:


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Additional information


Literary masterpiece title: A manógyár
Author: Lázár Ervin
Illustrator: Szalma Edit
Year of publication: 2013
Publisher: Helikon
Total number of pages: 28
ISBN: 9789632274102
Literary genre: tale

English version:
Slovak version:
Hungarian version: