The goal of the project Erasmus+ „Prototype of the on-line study tool for bibliotherapy“ 2022-1-SK01-KA210-VET-000082483   is to create and test a digital interactive teaching tool to support online informal continuous education and informal learning of healthcare workers and other professionals involved in health care and health promotion working in the practice to support their access to professional information in the field of bibliotherapy.

A digital teaching tool should, on the one hand,

  • enable the exchange of information and examples of good practices between experts in the form of therapeutic-educational reviews of literary works or studies analyzing the therapeutic-educational potential of specific literary works; sharing case studies; proven procedures in the practice of bibliotherapy; methodology; supporting, stimulating, re-educational, rehabilitation and other programs supporting health and healthy development, etc. linked to individual, group or collective therapeutic-educational work with a specific literary work in a defined target group of patients, pupils, students or clients,
  • to make available current scientific knowledge and research results in the field of bibliotherapy, as well as reviews of publications and reports from the life of the scientific and professional community engaged in the field of bibliotherapy in Slovakia and abroad,
  • provide related support for professionals in the form of recommendations and references of suitable literary works, references, book tips and reviews, therapeutic and educational techniques and procedures as well as
  • in the form of direct consulting and advisory online professional support activity how to work therapeutic-educationally with that literary piece in order to solve the problem or life situation, or in the form of supportive intervision or supervision activities provided according to the agreed conditions and in the agreed scope, and
  • eventually in the future to convey feedback or experiences of patients or persons coming from other target groups in which bibliotherapy has been exposed; including experience from its application in a professional or lay self-help environment (autobibliotherapy).

The main task of PRO SKIZP as a subsidiary organization of the Slovak Chamber of the clinical physicists, laboratory diagnosticians, language speech therapists and therapeutic pedagogues in this project is support of the development of the health profession is therapeutic pedagogy, which is one of the health professions associated in the SKIZP. The website will be a teaching tool primarily focused on making knowledge and information available from the field of bibliotherapy for therapeutic pedagogues, even if it will also for other relevant helping professions. 

In addition to therapeutic pedagogues, clinical speech therapists, clinical psychologists, nurses and doctors, the digital teaching aid will also be able to be used as a source of relevant professional information, mainly about curative-pedagogically oriented bibliotherapy, by experts working outside the health sector, as well as by students of curative pedagogy and other study fields of universities preparing experts for the performance helping professions, in the future also for future teachers and educators of schools and school facilities, or social work workers, caregivers and experts engaged in volunteer activities.

Last update March 12th 2023