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About bibliotherapy

In the most professional texts, in connection with the definition of bibliotherapy, we usually encounter the basic information that the word bibliotherapy is composed of two words of Greek origin: “biblion” = book and “therapeia” = treatment. Based on the etymology, we could define bibliotherapy simply as book treatment. However, the content of this term has gradually changed since 1916, when the term first appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, and the original expression, which can be considered more of a narrower definition, is already outdated today. In the literature, we find various broader or narrower definitions of bibliotherapy, which is caused by different points of view and the involvement of several professions – be it doctors, psychologists, educators, nurses, librarians, theologians, educational or social workers.
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Recommended professional and scientific literature

BETTELHEIM, Bruno. 1975, 1976. Za tajemstvím pohádek. [Behind the secret of fairy tales.] (Translated into Czech by Lucie Lucká 2000, 2016). Prague: Portal, 2017. 416 p. ISBN 9788026211723

ESTÉS, Clarissa Pincola. 1992, 1995. Ženy, které běhaly s vlky. [Women who ran with the wolves]. (Translated into Czech by Hana Halamová-Catalano). Hodkovičky: Pragma, 2018. 442 p. ISBN 80-7205-648-4

FRANZ, Marie Louise von. 1986. Psychologický výklad pohádek. [Psychological interpretation of fairy tales.] (Translated into Czech by Kristina and Jan Černí 1998, 2011) Prague: Portál, 2015. 184 p. ISBN 978-80-262-0863-1
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