Reccomended procedure to literary piece Town Musicians of Bremen

Author: Kürthy Anna


Author: Brothers Grimm
Year of publication: 1819

English version
Slovak version


Therapeutic goals: talk about social support, friendship, community
Age group: 8-12
Secondary target group: older children and adults too
Form of the work: individual and group


Brief content of the masterpiece:
The tale is about pets that have fallen out of favor with their owners, and people want to get rid of them. Outcast animals are bound together by their shared fate. The story is about their teaming up, about how in their hopeless life situation, they defeat the thugs, robbers and outlaws. 

Description of the possibilities of professional pedagogical/therapeutic work:

We can use this tale also in individual and group works. The goal is to talk about friendship and social support. For example:

  1. Opening round, arrival with Dixit cards. What do you think friendship means? Choose a card and tell about your thoughts and feelings.
  2. Reading the tale and discuss the opinions about it.
  3. Talking about friendship: who can be a friend, what a friend can help with, who is your best friend?


The recommended procedure created by:
Kürthy Anna, Workplace: Zichy Miklós Primary School in Zsámbék, Date last updated: January 21st 2023

Recommended citation procedure:
Kürthy Anna. 2022. Recommended professional procedure to the work with literary masterpiece of Brothers Grimm Town musicians of Bremen. In Kotrbová, K. et al: Bratislava: PRO SKIZP – Association to support the development of the Slovak Chamber of Clinical Physics, Laboratory Diagnosticians, Language Speech Therapists and Therapeutic Pedagogues, 2023.  ISBN 978-80-974667-0-1 Available on:


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Town Musicians of Bremen
Author: Brothers Grimm
Year of publication: 1819
Edition order: second expanded edition
Literary genre: tale
Used literary source
English version
Slovak version